Basics you should know about a website

A website is like a house…

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A website consists of many components and can be as simple as a page with little information to a gigantic complex enterprise system with thousands of pages, widgets, applications and selling online/e-commerce capabilities. Despite how big or small a website is, there are 4 major ingredients that make a website a website as illustrated below:

How does a website and the internet work

An easy way to understand a website is to think of it as your house.

The house is your website

You can decorate it however it suits your taste and meets your needs. You can add as many things inside it as you want to make your life easier and your guest’s experience more pleasurable; the furniture and appliances represent the content, applications, Read more »

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Portland Web Design & Web Development Website Redesign!

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We’re happy to say that our website has been redesigned and is now online. Our new website has a minimalistic approach, it also inlcudes new social networking functionalities and has been built for growth.

Below is a before and after snapshot of

We hope you keep visiting us as we will be constantly updating our blog and providing useful resources in the near future. Feel free to leave your comments, questions or suggestions. Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!

Hiram Garcia

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