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Do We Need Websites Anymore?

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do-we-need-websitesWith the age of social networking, the internet has evolved into one vast ocean of Facebook pages, Twitter follow me’s and Linked In presence for the B2B. With the advent of WordPress the dot com world further became smaller.

So can we even ask the question if websites are important any more? Is it necessary to have your own presence on the internet? Are companies still promoting their own www or are they saying:

in their regular advertising.

What’s the verdict?

Websites still contribute to provide a more cohesive space to dole out relevant, authoritative and timely information.

The social mediums offer a place for the brands and corporates to hang out together with their audience. It gives them a chance to get to know them better, their likes and dislikes can all be collectively collated in one place. Great!

brand-market-websiteBut they cannot take the place of a true brand experience. Your website serves as the place for that. A website is the place you can provide accurate and up to date information on your brand, provide 3D image portfolios of your products, upload testimonials and give the user a more holistic message to take away.

Big brands today are effectively exploiting their websites as influencers, advocacy and customization hubs. Websites are the venues to appeal to audiences through smart sampling, online couponing and robust Q&A involving experts, users and peers.

Furthermore websites provide a direct connect to the audiences through an Ecommerce platform. Customers no longer have to “head out” to buy and get overloaded with information at the stores.

So the final answer is yes! Yes we need them and we need them very much. So if you  do have a website “you’ve made a great decision”. Just make sure you’re constantly improving it and taking advantage of it’s full potential.

And for all of those who don’t have a website, I think it’s about time you give us a call. =)

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