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E-Commerce the 2011 Way

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It’s the year 1995; Amazon has just opened its virtual doors to the world inviting them to shop, shop and shop. The product lines are limited, main focus is on functionality, price comparisons, product descriptions and getting the shoppers quickly through to checkout.

The year 2011 has evolved the whole concept of Ecommerce and shopping via the internet. Research has shown changes in demographics of the shoppers, product preferences, pricing patterns, and the latest insight which is browsing.

All of these have helped to evolve new standards of Ecommerce set to be rolled out in 2011.

Here is a list of just some of the upcoming trends in Ecommerce and internet marketing in 2011:


Women Shopping OnlineIncrease of women in the internet shopping arena, and the increase in teenagers loaded with credit cards has changed the game for the Ecommerce industry. In line with the new demographics, a new line of products and services have come forth. Now literally everything and anything can be sold online.

The other change is the way in which people shop. They have more time, they like to browse and gather information before they make a purchase. In general shopping is equated as fun rather than a chore.


Discount WebsitesWhere before shopping was limited to a few products, and those too sold at a tad bit of a higher price than the in store tag, now internet shopping is all about the bargains. People have time to look around for bargains and there are enough portals offering them discounted deals. Aside from these sites, people also sign-up to receive discount and coupons more frequently.

Rare Wares

Rare ProductsPeople are using the internet to find products which they cannot easily find in stores. It’s the era of the discovery shopper where items are displayed in limited supply, and selections are constantly changing. This creates a sense of urgency that has users coming back frequently to see what’s new and to make sure they don’t miss out.

Mobile Shopping

Mobile ShoppingThe age of Smartphones have transformed the use of the internet. No longer do people need to be at home or in the office to surf the net. People now find time to browse wares on the subway, share ideas over lunch and buy the product before dinner. It is being predicted that Apps will drive $5 billion in revenue in 2011.

Gaming Enters the Social Arena

Social GamingGaming will not be restricted to 1-10 players playing together at one time, or what was called the gaming dates. Now people can play social games with each other at their own convenience.  For those interested in this, social gaming is predicted to be huge in 2011. And if you’re wondering… yes, there is lot’s of $$$ in this industry, just check out how Zynga (creators of Farmville) is doing right now: Zynga Blog, How Social Games Make Money


Here’s a 6 minute video I found a couple years ago on the net about the history of ecommerce. It features how it all started and provides some testimonials from real businesses owners who took advantage of it and became the pioneers of all of this. Enjoy!

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