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The Link Between Keywords and SEO

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SEO Keywords

Have you ever wondered why keywords are the life and blood of any content strategy? Keywords define what your audience is talking about, thinking about, wanting to gather information about. Keywords help you get into the brains of your customers, helps you understand them, relate to them, associate with them.

SEO simply cannot be achieved without the use of keywords placed strategically throughout your content. So what are the key things to remember to decode the top ranking keywords for your SEO based content?

What are People Searching For?

The ideal content strategy begins with a search of keywords or phrases which potential clients are using to find products and services like yours.

There are a number of tools and softwares available to decipher which keywords are ringing true with your audience. Some of them are

Simply type in the keyword, and the site will return with what questions people are asking about that particular keyword. These questions could then become the topic of your next blog.

Both these resources are free to use. Besides these, there are other paid for options also available for a more optimized search.

How to Optimize the SEO Search

Your keyword search will return a long list of words and phrases. It’s best to focus on 1-2 areas rather than spreading your wings too wide. After all you cannot provide a service in all areas of the category you serve. For example if you operate an online sporting goods store, focus on sports goods, rather than fitness equipment. Serving a niche is always better.

Get to Know Your Audience

Get to know who are the people who are typing in these keywords. This will help you make a better connect between your audience and what you have on offer.

There are multiple websites that offer tools to break down audience by demo graphics. You may want to make use of these tools.

Other means of getting to know your audience is by using

  • Google Alerts
  • Tweetdeck, and
  • Google referrers. This helps you see which sites are sending the most traffic to your website.

A combination of these tools will help you develop a superior content strategy, rich with keywords, and top of the page in terms of SEO and ranking.

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