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DoDynamic.com is not only a web design company but also a multimedia development company that creates dynamic multimedia presentations, 2D/3D animations and any type of custom multimedia development. Even though developing a multimedia project requires lots of planning, we are still able to offer affordable custom multimedia services for large or small projects your organization or business may need.

Here are a few examples of multimedia from DoDynamic:

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AudioWhat can I do with Audio?

Audio is easy to use on your website and very effective. It differentiates you from your competition.

Use audio on your website to provide:

  1. A dynamic introduction to your company
  2. Entertainment and education about what you offer
  3. A convenient way for visitors to connect with your offer
  4. Product or service-based webinars and podcasts

Audio is especially effective because it “talks to” your visitor and gives a personal touch to the presentation of your product or service that text or other elements cannot. Just as radio is incredibly popular because of the connection it establishes with the listener, audio on your website can entertain and educate your visitors and give them confidence in your company and the product or service you offer.

You can make the audio portions of your website available to your visitors as webinars. You can also easily deliver your audio one time or on an ongoing basis via the web in a convenient “podcast” type service.

video for social mediaWhat can I do with Video?

Because your website visitors grew up with television, many times video offers the best way to connect with them. This is especially true if your product or service presentation requires visuals to be the most effective. Whether you are marketing to first-time visitors or current customers, video helps you “tell the story” of your company and your product or service.

Use video on your website to capture the attention of your visitors:

  1. Dynamically introduce your company product or service
  2. Impress you visitors by providing television-style presentations
  3. Use educational tutorials that entertain and immerse your customers

You can use video on your website and deliver video messages to your site visitors and your current customers.

flash designWhy use Flash?

“Flash” is a term for a type of visual-based program or presentation(s) that effectively presents your product or service in an entertaining way. Flash can be used to deliver a simple message or it can be an interactive part of your website where you can fully involve your visitor.

Whether as a single eye-catching design or complete website, use Flash to:

  1. Dynamically introduce your website
  2. Guide your visitor to information
  3. Educate and entertain your visitor
  4. Create that “wow factor” for your website

We perform Multimedia Services (audio/video/flash) for any type of organization or business in the Portland Metro area and the following cities: Aloha, Beaverton, Carver, Clackamas, Damascus, Happy Valley, Tigard, Tualatin, Hillsboro, King City, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Sherwood, West Linn, and West Slope. If you are outside these areas we will gladly work with you remotely on your multimedia project.

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